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Marion R. Vermazen

I have extensive experience in IT, customer support, operations, software development, and management, working for leading edge technology companies. I 'm good at building partnerships and delivering results in fast paced, constantly changing environments. I especially enjoy motivating and developing staff and building teams focused on getting results.

Work at Intuit
2005 to 2006 – I was a Senior Customer Care Manager for Intuit’s new PortfolioMinder product.

Work at Sun
1987 to 2005 - Varied position in Sun's Services, IT and Workplace Resources organizations.
My last position at Sun was as the IT Director in the iWork Solutions Group (iSG).
Work before Sun
Customer Support Manager - Ansa Software
Ansa launched Paradox, a PC relational database product.
Support Center Manager - Digital Research
Digital Research Inc. (DRI) was a pioneer in the personal computer industry. CP/M and the languages and tools produced by DRI were the standard for personal computer software in the early days of personal computers.
Department manager - Spectra Medical Systems
Developed, maintained, supported, and enhanced Spectra's medical information system product written in C and assembly language and running on Data General computers.
Programmer - Sperry Univac
Programmed software for a real time air traffic control system designed for use in a tactical environment.
Programmer - Boeing Aerospace Company
Worked on the AWACS project.
EDUCATION B.S. in Computer Science - Iowa State University


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