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December 03, 2005


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Here is my reply to SEO San Diego:
You commented on my blog and asked me if I was still working at Intuit and about advice for getting hired. Perhaps you have already been hired. I only worked for Intuit for about a year and a half. The product that I was working on was canceled and I was laid off almost exactly 2 years ago. I am retired now. Intuit is a good company that moves very slowly. One thing you certainly have to have to get hired there is patience and persistence.
They really pride themselves on understanding the user experience so that kind of knowledge and experience is useful.

seo san diego

I just had my first interview @ intuit and being online advertising I have to say that working at intuit would be a dream and a personal dream of mine. are u stil working @ intuit? if not what are ur impressions of the company? and what is your advise to anybody trying to gget in the door?


I left Intuit in October of 2005. I was laid off after the product I was working on was cancelled. I decided to not look for another job and so I retired and moved with my husband to Reno. Intuit was a good place to work for me. I have recommended it to friends. I worked with a lot of people in Tucson and I visited seeral times. They were great people and I think they would say it was a good place to work too. Good luck to those of you who are looking for a job at Intuit!


are you still there?still a good place to work? what about the tucson location?


I've recently applied at Intuit and had my first round of phone interviews. Reading your blog post is reassuring. My number one reason for wanting to leave my current position is that there is extremely little focus on the end user. Intuit's philosophies fit right within what I would expect of any company. Thanks for the blog post -- even if it is two years old. And wish me luck!

Marion Vermazen

Thanks ThinGuy I like Intuit but I miss Sun too.


I can't believe you've been gone for six months. You are missed!

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