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August 20, 2009


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Shannon, I don't think the expediency of getting treatment will change much. Some times now when you want an appointment with a specific doctor you have to wait months. When I was in Cleveland with Betsy and had horrible poison oak I called to get an appointment with a dermatologist and the first available was weeks away!! I begged and they finally fit me in sooner :-)
It is interesting to read some of the posts and resulting comments from yesterday about health care in other countries. They address your specific issue. I recommend


This bit of what you wrote is brave: I have always believed that the private sector is more efficient and better at getting things done than the government but I now believe that in the case of health care other countries are right and we are wrong. All of us are wrong sometimes (even me!) and it is hard to say so.

Shannon: mostly when I read what Canadians say about their health system, they like it and think whatever waiting they have to do is reasonable. See, for example, this Canadian oped article: http://bit.ly/1bH3tG.


Mom, Thanks for your post. I have been on the fence about this idea for a while but agree with you totally. I think the real issue is creating a system which is beneficial to everyone. The main concern I have heard that worries me is the expediency of getting treatment. In a larger system, the already backlogged slow paced system will get even worse. What happens to people who are in need of immediate treatment and surgeries who will now have to be put on long waitlists? Again I don't know enough about the ideas proposed in order to take a firm stance. If someone out there could educate me a little as to how we plan to avoid these problems. I am all in favor of health care for all...as long as we do it right.


Hello. Thank you for writing so personally and clearly why you support health care reform. It is a good thing, don't you think, to occasionally just say up front why we believe what we believe? I enjoyed reading your post.

Betty Hurst

Hi Marion! With thanks to enough people like you, we can get a rational health care system that covers everyone in our country. We have to make our voices heard, especially to our congresspeople and senators. In my case, my congressman thinks we need to WAIT until ...WHAT. Thanks again.


HI, Marion. Thanks for this post. I also have never deviated from the theme of my blog until today. I was very upset by the people screaming on television until I realized they were paid by lobbyists to behave that way and that is why they were out there disrupting town hall meetings. Do you know one person who would behave like that? Me neither. I'm glad we agree about health care reform and both answered Ronni's call.

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