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September 17, 2009


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Deanna, You make a very good point. I am an amateur genealogist too. I like your idea of showing the relatives pictures to stimulate remembering. Ive recorded some of my conversations. Thanks for the idea!


Thanks for catching my typo. Fumble fingers you know :-) I have corrected it.


Good article, Marion, but you really should know that the name of the university is not spelled correctly. It's e before i. Brandies sounds more like a tavern than an Ivy League school :)


Hi Marion! They used to say "Follow your bliss," but however you word it, I think it's a great idea, pursuing your passion once you're free to do it. I'm actually more of an amateur genealogist than historian, but one of the tips I've had great success with is talking to the oldest members of my family who are still living about their memories, and then going back to where they lived and searching the records and looking for existing structires. I took pictures back and showed them to my uncle, and discovered that I'd taken a picture of the house they'd lived in during the depression in an entirely different town from where my father had always told us they'd lived. My father's been dead for a couple of decades, and his brother's gone now, too, but I might not have found their house if I hadn't asked him about it while he was still alive. There's a lot of living history walking around that's going to be lost when our elders are gone. Sometimes you have to coax them into talking, but generally once you get them going, it's an enjoyable experience for both parties.

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