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August 17, 2010


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learn spanish online

The easiest way to start learning Spanish would be to pick up a Spanish textbook and start drilling yourself on vocabulary. This option, however, is not usually the best choice. Without hearing the language spoken, you can’t develop a natural accent or learn to carry on a natural conversation.


Christina, Thanks for the ideas. The encouragement is really appreciated. Another trip to Mexico is definitely in the future. Maybe next year. The journal is a good idea. Even writing just a few sentences a day would probably help. Maybe I should try Twittering in Spanish :-)I think I'll try it.


Bill, Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. I like the ESL teaching idea. I think I will look into it. I'll keep you posted.


I agree with Bill, immersion is really the best way to go for comfort in speaking. Maybe another trip to Mexico? I was also going to suggest that maybe you start journaling or blogging in Spanish. It's a good way to go through what you are doing on a daily basis or experiences you have. That way when you want to talk about what you have been up to you have already had the practice writing it out. My journal was one of my favorite things to do when I was fully immersed.

Bill McCullough

And why I addressed you as Miriam, Marion, I will never know! Sorry :)

Bill McCullough

Hi Miriam - Nice progress on your goal to learn Spanish! I studied Spanish for a long time in school and eventually became fluent. While school was a good foundation to learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax, spelling, etc., I found the best way to improve comprehension and speech was immersion. Immersion challenged me to think on my feet but, at the same time, feel very uncomfortable! The good news about feeling nervous and uncomfortable is that, for me, it was a sign that I was internalizing the information and actually learning! My first immersion experience was a volunteer one - working with level 1 English learners in an ESL class in San Jose. I had to teach English by using Spanish, which really forced me to think on my feet. I highly recommend this type of experience, particularly the time during breaks when you might be able to speak Spanish with students and have conversations using vocabulary you know. I'm not sure if there is a large enough Spanish-speaking community where you live but, if there is, you might consider giving it a shot. Good luck!

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