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February 09, 2011


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Well, pooh! I always loved reading your travel stories. Do you think Facebook has replaced some of the things that drove your blog? You are still the coolest person I know WRT technology. Maybe now, you'll write a book.


I hope you can let the blog just be here and not have to delete it. I deleted my first one because I felt it wasn't working for me and someone else snapped up the title. I think that happens maybe more on blogger. I had to choose a derivation of it for the next one when i was ready to start again.


Blogs seem to be disappearing all over the place, lately (including mine). I'm sorry to see yours go too. Hobbies have a way of turning into work. It's either fun, or a business. If it's neither, then it's time to give it a rest. A new direction will come along in time.


I definitely always enjoyed seeing the pics of your adventures! But maybe there's an easier way to share your photos. Definitely not worth blogging if you're not enjoying anymore!


Sometimes it's hard to keep up a blog and your real life too. Loved seeing your beautiful pictures of your Australia trip. I've had long blank spaces in my blog too.


I'm going to miss reading your blog. For now I'll have to find other ways to keep updated on your trips and adventures. I have to admit I go through phases of posting and not posting on my blog too.

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